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How can we stimulate spontaneous remission of cancer?
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Cancer is not a simple matter to explain, with respect to how it comes about, but I can tell you this to begin with.. it most certainly is NOT what the doctors are saying. It has nothing to do with diet, nothing to do with mutant genes and nothing to do with the physical environment.  The journey to explain it is long so I will begin by saying something that I know will raise more questions than it answers but I promise I will discuss all that I have discovered and I also want to help others discover this information for themselves. Knowledge is a good start but realization is necessary if you want to be empowered.

Okay let me give you a definition for what cancer is in a nut shell. Cancer is about stem-cell mediated immunity.. erroneously ignited in the body. It is generated by the body for a purpose but that purpose is mistaken. Once you understand the problem and you have an ah ha! experience of realization, then your body will stop producing more cancer cells and begin the mopping up operations.. in other words remission. And there is more! I have discovered how to stimulate this process to hurry up the remission in a far shorter time than the body would otherwise take.

Stem cell mediated immunity sounds like a "mouth full" and you say I have no medical background to understand this. You don't need it. Suffice to say that in the tissues of our bodies we have cells called stem cells. What makes these cells special is that they can change their genetic expression and become something other than what they are at any given time. So from specialized cells of the various tissues in which they are found they can undergo change and they can, for instance become less specialized. In this less specialized form the body uses them as barrier cells or resistance cells. Alternatively /or in addition they may change their specialty and even become advanced combat cells. The good news is that once the person/ person's body realize that they don't need to have them in this form they can and do change back to fully-specialized, fully-functional cells of whatever tissues they belonged to! And excesses are removed by normal cell death, a process that doctors call apoptosis. I am living proof of all this. And the evidence is in my body. If my lymph glands were tested there would be cancer cells to be found. Why? Because the body keeps copies of all immune products and cancer cells.. I prefer to call them barrier cells or shield cells because that is what they are.. so as I was saying cancer cells are immune products and nothing more.

Let me give you a short history of my experience with cancer.
The first time I got cancer was in 1993 and it was already stage 4 when I discovered it. It was inoperable, in the ovaries, uterus, bowel and lungs. I had no idea what to do but I had a gut feeling to leave Cairns and return to Sydney. Unable to make the journey alone, and with my husband unable to help me, I found someone to help me drive my car back and my gut feeling was saying to me cut all your ties with everyone you left behind. I did not know why I had this feeling but I followed it. I also had the feeling to take my time getting back to Sydney as I thought I had nothing to look forward to but I thought some bush walks, would be a good idea. We stopped every day at some national park or woodlands and did a meditative walk. At first I could only manage fifteen minutes but by the end of the first week and a third of the way down the Queensland coast I could manage much more, about an hour with one stop to rest. By the time we arrived at the New South Wales border, some two thousand kilometers journey from Cairns and another two weeks of travelling, I could now manage to walk two hours.. no problem! We then decided to drive inland and three weeks later in the Blue Mountains behind Sydney I felt quite well and fit but I still had some symptoms. However many of the serious symptoms had abated and some had disappeared altogether. I knew I was on the mend without having anyone to say anything. In six months and with the help of some Chinese medicine I went from inoperable and for the trash can, to free of cancer and a new lease on life.

The second time I got cancer I was back in Cairns and living in a very nice house that my husband and I had built for ourselves. It was 2004. I had suddenly developed flu-like symptoms and a lot of anger.. inexplicable anger. It took me three weeks to come to grips with my health and a lot of meditation while in bed. I was very sick and I was having a lot of difficulty swallowing. I then discovered, without giving away personal details as they involve others, that there was a major issue that caused me to get angry. It was a violation that was being done to some of my property, which was important to me. I confronted the people involved and come to a satisfactory resolution of the matter. To my utter surprise the flu-like symptoms vanished almost completely and within the space of half to one hour. I knew that there was a lump in my throat because I could feel it if I tried to swallow solid food, which needed to be very moist to go down. However here again from a gut feeling to do nothing, I decided I would not go to see a doctor. There were reasons which I will discuss later. I didn't notice how the lump lessened but it did and within three months or there about the lump was gone and I could again swallow solid food.. whatever I liked. I had a fair idea that this was cancer, even though this time I did not have it diagnosed.

The third time I got cancer was in the following year, 2005-6 and this time it was in the ascending bowl and possibly also the right ovary was involved. These were the "old locations". This time I decided to deal with it more interactively myself. I was confident since I had had two remissions previously and I knew what to do. However I did not know what I could do to make things move faster along to recovery. I asked the universe.. God.. and in a few days I had the inclination to turn on the television and watch a medical documentary. It was about someone who had had an amputation. They said that they could feel their leg even though it had been removed. This was a spark. I recollected years earlier, when I practiced Burmese Buddhist Insight meditation, my teacher having said something to me about a mental body. My guru many, many years earlier also talked about a mental body.. a blueprint. I don't want to go into this here now but to say I found the way to prescribe for myself the first mental prescription for cancer and it worked. The lump in my side was palpable and I estimated about the size of a small golf ball, far larger than the almond size lump in my throat the year before. This time it remissed in just five and a half weeks.

Since then there have been many other times but each time I was able to apply better and more pollished prescriptions and shortened the time more and more. One bone cancer dissappeared in the space of a day!
Indeed now I can "stage-manage" my body's processes so I do not even develop cancer in the first place. And what's is more today I enjoy far better health than I did twenty years ago!

I learnt a great deal in these years but I had also learnt some very significant techniques in the preceeding years, in the years that I spent at the feet of my guru and later with a variety of other spiritual teachers from a several different religious persuasions.What was more I had used them in Sydney to investigate the problems I had expereince with my heart. So I was well qualified by the time I had to overcome cancer.

The first piece of information that I saw, not only came from my own experiences, but also from those of others that I had known, some had cancer and died of it. That information was that stress was involved. What in the name of goodness is stress? The medical explanations of "fight and flight response", I felt, were not adequate. In the year 2000, an argument between my husband and myself had turned the lights on for me! I gained two of the key pieces of information that lie behind cancer and many other diseases besides cancer, and both were shocking but the one of them was breathtaking.

Cloaks and daggers and everyday life.

We had argued a lot over the last few years because after having experienced some health problems in Sydney I had recovered and I wanted to start a new career and earn my own income. He did not like this at all and felt threatened by my becoming "too independent" as he put it. Finally one night a serious argument erupted and I told him I was leaving him. What was to follow left me speakless and I will post it here because it was not only a clear example of stress but a dark admission as to what lay behind it!

To fill you in a bit my husband was a lot older than me and had a good private income, which meant we could live reasonably well, but I wanted to do something with my life. I was not ready to retire. The only thing that had kept me from pursuing a new career was poor health. I had recovered from cancer okay but then a year and a half later I develop what appeared to be heart problems but they would never be confirmed. Every time I went to a doctor my heart worked perfectly. Even with the health problems though I had written a book and I wanted to publish it but even here, while my husband supported me writing the book he again began to vigorously object when I wanted to publish. 

The argument got heated and he began to threaten me openly. He claimed he was involved with a crime syndicate in Sydney and that he was ‘still in with them somewhat’. He further indicated that he now ‘knew people’, as he put it, in the local area. At first I did not believe him and laughed at the very idea. I had never associated him with criminals ever. He was well educated and an associate professor at the university before he retired. He was a scientist and in my mind that made him a decent guy. However his threat sounded real and the confessions that I had at first laughed off, about being in a crime syndicates etc., now began to also sound real. My mind flashed back to a few nights earlier when two men had come to the front door. I did not like the look of them at all and I couldn’t believe that my husband was standing there talking to them. Who were they and how did my husband know them? They did not stay long but I felt so repulsed by them I could not stay in the lobby to hear what they had to say. As soon as they left I had confronted him about them. He had enigmatically claimed that they were just two of “his people”. I asked him if he meant that they were relatives and he said no but he continued to call them ‘his people’. Now I asked him about them again. He did not reply this time but gave me a twisted grin. Despite the twenty four years that I had known him, the man standing in front of me was fast becoming a stranger. Within an hour or so he had changed in a way that I had never expected. And then he repeated his threat.
“If you leave the house I will cast an evil spell” he announced. I saw this as a way of mocking my recent interest in the occult and shamanism.
“Yeah” I growled, “cast whatever spell you like. As if!” I felt irritated. But he never lost his composure. I watched him go to the phone, dial a number, wait a moment or two and then hung up the phone. “Ah why don’t you ring them up, who cares? I’m leaving and I am leaving right now” I shouted, “and what I mean by leaving is that I am leaving you!” I felt furious.

I ran into my room, grabbed my travel bag and began to pack. But within around ten minutes I was experiencing breathing problems and the start of a severe asthma attack, I felt pain in my chest and my heart was racing. I was a mess. My husband came to the door and said “if you unpack it again”, pointing to my bag, “everything will be alright”. I was dumbfounded.
“What do you mean everything will be alright?”
“You’ll get well again” he proclaimed with an air of confidence. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How does unpacking a bag going to get rid of the asthma.. idiot? I was coughing and splattering as I tried to shout. He proceeded to tell me that he would ‘call them off’.
“Call who off?” I snapped back at him. “You’re full of shit” I told him managing a decent breath at last. Even then I still had not connect him to my health problems.. like not at all! Besides I didn’t believe and I didn’t want to believe that my health could be affected by anyone else. I continued to pile clothes onto my bed, even in spite of the problems I was experiencing. Coldly he told me to look out of the window to see what was waiting for me. I scoffed at him but I moved to the window and looked out. I gazed in shock. Two men were standing around at the end of our driveway in the semi-dark. Who were they? The sight of them scared me and I suddenly felt a great deal worse. But still I could not believe that they could have possibly affected my health. "Besides" I thought, "I began having problems before I had even seen them"! “I’m not joking” my husband repeated coldly “I will have you killed if you leave”. His voice was icy, devoid of any emotion. However, though I was seriously shaken, some strange strength from within took a hold of me. I walked up to him and in strong tones, even though with a weak voice I said “Read my lips, I am leaving you!” I started gasping for breath but I continued. “I am leaving, I am leaving even if you succeed in killing me” and then in what seemed like some unseen force at work, another word came out of my lips, unexpectedly and it seemed to be not of my volition. That word was “unless...” and it tapered off with an echoing hiss.

At first he looked at me with a smirk and then said “you are in no position to bargain”
“I can bargain” I told him in tones that I myself found unbelievable and I continued, “because I can still choose to leave, even if I get killed, I can still choose to leave.”
He didn’t like my answer and he liked bargaining even less but he did.
“Unless what?” he asked. I had no idea what I was going to say and again like someone else speaking for me I said emphatically, “…unless you tell me everything” . He stared hard at me and I began to think "what am I saying?" However I began to ask “Who are these people? Who are the people you call “your people” and what do they do? Who are the people outside? I want to know everything.. EVERYTHING.” I was very frightened and finding it difficult to breathe but even so I did not falter in my words, in what I was demanding. Perhaps it was my desire to know the truth that was far stronger than my fear. I thought that maybe I could stay long enough to find out whatever I could and then, with the benefit of knowledge, leave him. He puckered his lips. It was obvious he didn’t want to talk but as sick as I was I resumed packing.
“Alright” he said, “alright I will tell you some things.” He was spitting his words.
“I am not interested in some things” I demanded, “I want to know everything, otherwise I am out of here NOW, even if I die, I don’t care. I's rather choose the grave than stay here.” I was very angry and I was experiencing a lot of chest pain but somehow I held it together and spoke firmly and without shouting. He could see that I meant what I said and maybe he desperately wanted me to stay because to my surprise he agreed. He went to the window, opened it and waved his hand in a definite, short, forward motion, in a style that a headman would use to his underlings. I walk up behind him and saw the two men each walk in the opposite direction, to the opposite side of the street and get into their respective cars and drive away. No soon were they gone when my heart and breathing problems began to subside.. like within a minute or two I was breathing easy and within ten minutes, although still shaken by the ordeal, I felt completely well again, as if I had had no problems at all. Despite that I still wanted to put it all down to suggestion, -the threats of my husband -the sight of these men outside the house.. not knowing where I'd go.. the thought of being killed. But the incident fuelled a burning desire to get to the truth because deep down none of those reason were satisfying.

The problems with my health began before I saw the men outside, well before. So the burning question in my mind was "how could they have anything to do with my breathing problems and the chest pain"? However at the same time it was undeniable, bearly had I heard their engine sounds fade away when my symptoms were gone.

That night he began the first of many confessions about what he called “his associations”. He began by describing himself as having a hidden part. He referred to this hidden part as an “evil creature” and he said that it was hidden by an “outer façade”. The outer façade was the gentleman, the only part that he had allowed me to see all those years that had passed. He also called this outer aspect “the deceiver”.  He said the outer façade helped the evil creature to accomplish what he termed ‘evil work’ and without anyone suspecting anything. He said “the more normal and benign looking the façade the more evil work could be done”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. No matter how difficult to live with he had been from time to time, I had not suspected anything of all that he spoke about now. And we had been together for twenty four years! I braved intense fear as I listened to him speak and felt the need to light up the area around me. I got up and turned on the lights in the adjacent rooms of the open living area and for good measure I turned on the external lights as well. The gentleman I’d known was gone. The man that I now faced was a cruel and heartless beast. His eyes glazed with such coldness they made me shudder. Indeed I felt so repulsed from what I saw that night I never again sat at the same table with him to eat another meal.. ever again.

After I was seated again he began to admit that he had, on very many occasions employed “watchers”, whose function he claimed was to “keep an eye on things”. What things? What are you talking about? I pressed him to be clear about what he meant, for I very quickly found that he would use terms that white washed the truth.
“Well I just wanted to know where you were going and who you were going to see, that kind of thing” he said matter-of-factly but his upper lip twisted from time to time as he looked back at me with malice. He was referring to the first interview I had for work back in Sydney, several years earlier and prior to the time that all my heart problems began. I asked him if the watchers were private detectives. He said no and went on to call them “supervisors”. He grinned as he spoke about them as supervisors but I ignored his grimaces and pressed him for more information. I was in a hurry and thought that in a few sessions I would learn all that I needed to know so I could leave.. safely.

He told me that such people as were employed as supervisors were known as ‘gun-carrying individuals’ by ‘his people’.
“That sounds like another way of saying a hired gun” I told him. “Is that what those two guys out on the driveway were, assassins?
“No” he insisted. “They are not meant to kill, just to scare the daylights out of someone.”
“And how are they supposed to scare the daylights out of someone” I demanded “…because” I added “that someone hadn’t even seen them?”  That someone of course we both knew was me. He found my question amusing but I was not in any mood for laughing. He was so dark and I felt I needed more than the lights on everywhere. I went into the kitchen, an extension of the place where we sat, and took the box of candles out of one of the lower cupboards. Ordinarily I used them for meditation. Now I lit several of them together and place them on the table between us. Seeing “living light” close to me helped me cope with the situation. For it was not only what he said that was dark, but also the now evident quality of his heart and mind. I was only now just beginning to comprehend that he was sheer black.

He began a discourse that described the basic methods by which he said
“evil people cause problems for innocent people”. These methods he called mental cruelty. I had heard the term ‘evil’ referred to people before but I had dismissed it as fantasy, particularly as I had not been given satisfactory definitions. I certainly recognized people who were harmful to others now and then throughout my life but I called them ‘toxic’. Now I realized that the people I call toxic had given me the broad strokes of what is evil, but time after time I had down played the evidence, even ignored it. Now I asked him directly,
“What is an evil person”? He answered this by giving me a number of explanations.
“An evil person” he began “aims to deceive others and has no feelings towards other people. Evil persons will lie to disadvantage other persons. For example evil persons use ‘a normal approach’ to innocent people and the innocent can become subjected to dangerous situations unknowingly.
“What do you mean ‘a normal approach’ I asked.
Evil people adopt a friendly approach towards their targets. Some of them they may be able to use subsequently” he said and he continued to talk about the subject as if he was describing some chemical reaction to his students in a lecture theatre. He was focused, spoke with clarity, but completely unemotional.. cold. He started at me a while. 
"Go on" I proded him.
“After trapping them,” he said “evil people will gradually try and get them interested in evil ways.”
“So you’re saying that they take good people and make them evil” I asked. He again puckered his lips a little and shook his head. “No", he said, "not good people and not innocent people.. but they are the sort of people who are.. well not evil but they are the type that will try an occasional little deception.”
“So who do you call innocent people”? I interrupted him.
“Innocent people are those people who take everybody at face value” he said immediately and went on. “Good people are those people who consider the feelings of others and who try and do good things. Innocent people consider the feelings of others too but they are naïve.” He then told me that “evil people target other people in order to injure them mentally, to steal something from them and to denigrate them in the eyes of others.

“Why would you want to injure someone mentally and how can that be possible?” I asked feeling very skeptical about what I was hearing. I knew from my own experiences and my religious background that the mind or what we might call spiritual is incorruptible. It is only the physical that is corruptible.. that can be injured.
“Evil people target others in order to injure them mentally because they get satisfaction at the despair of others, because the evil ones thrive on that” he said with glee. I looked at him dumbfounded. He could have been talking Chinese for I could not take it in at all. It sounded so alien. He understand that I was completely mystified about his statements because he continued to give me further clarifying explanation. “It gives them a high” he said, “and makes them feel satisfied. Doing good things is an anathema to evil people, except when used as bait.”
“Good things..” I echoed, still in disbelief.
“Good things are being helpful, being pleasant e.g. chatting to a stranger. Bait is showing a good face as a good front.” He added.

So how can you hurt a person mentally?” I was very disbelieving. He did not answer this question fully until much later, after many more sessions. For now he gave a superficial explanation.
“The target is disadvantaged mentally because the target has lost face" he said.. "and becomes upset. It could be quite a blow to the person. The aim is to weaken the target.” His reference to people as targets and objects, showed how devoid he was of any humanity. I had never heard him talk like that before that night. My husband, a highly educated man, a university lecturer, who’d shown dedication and had reached a relatively high station of being an associate professor during his working life, who had seemed decent was surely not this monster that I was now seeing before me. He has influenced so many young people in his working life. I looked at him with horror.

I don’t know if it was my look that prompted him or not or whether he meant it or not but he added,
I have to stop tearing people to pieces I get some form of satisfaction from it and must stop tearing people to pieces. I get some form of perverse pleasure from this. I realize that a monumental change in behavior has to be undertaken immediately.” He added. To some extent he sounded desperate as he said these words but there was also always the glee in his eyes and an undertone of mockery in his voice.  He knew only too well that I wanted to leave him and becoming good wasn’t going to change anything, even if it was possible. A part of me wanted to run away, even if it was to the grave but another part of me was obsessed with obtaining all the information that could be had from this man. I lit another candle as I thought. I needed to make him understand that I would not be taken in by any false displays.
“I don’t believe you really want to change.” I said but as an after thought I added, “perhaps if you reveal the truth about yourself you might be able to change.” I wondered if someone like him could possibly change. Was he redeemable? This was no simple sinner. In the true sense of the word sinner really means someone who has got it wrong.. missed the mark. This was an outright transgressor. And the two are quite different because in the first case, no matter how serious the crime, it results from reaction to something, although wrong reaction to be sure! But in the case of transgression, we are talking about calculated, systematic and ongoing wrongdoing and not out of some reaction to anything. From what he was saying such crimes are done deliberately and for the sheer joy of seeing the damage done and feeling the suffering of the victim.

He went on to described himself as if he was talking about someone else.
Beneath the surface there is a nasty creature lurking” he said. “This nasty creature has to come out and be exposed to very close examination. The creature is only too happy to attack anyone..” he remarked. He looked at me with spite. He was talking but I could see he didn’t like it. “..and it must therefore be subject to this examination” he said rather formally. In some way he seemed to want to appease me but the only thing that was going to keep me there awhile was information and he knew it. “The creature must be controlled by me rather than me being controlled by it." He said speaking rather pathetically. "It must not be allowed to wreck havoc and thus destroy harmony. Indeed the sooner the creature is destroyed the better it will be for all concerned” he said and emphasized the word ‘destroyed’.
“Where did this creature come from, when did you become aware of it?” I asked.
“The creature raised its ugly head during my adolescence when it guided me to do evil things, such as passing on the evil thoughts and attitudes. I attempted to corrupt other to these evil ways. These attempts would be largely effective if used on close friends and /or relatives, that is these people would be likely to be corrupted and therefore likely to do my bidding.”
And why were you successful with close friends and relatives? I asked.
“Because there is relationship and that is needed”
“You can corrupt someone just because of relationship?”
“No” he said “I never even tried to corrupt you. You wouldn’t have been interested and you would have been alerted to who I am.” He looked very proud of the deception he had gotten away with all those years.
“So the person has to be corruptible for some reason?” I asked to keep the conversation going.
“I told you, some people will try an occasional little deception. These people can be guided to do bigger things.”
“Corrupted in other words”
“Yes” He affirmed and again looked quite pleased with himself.
Who was ‘he’ I had to wonder in all of this?
“Of what importance is it to corrupt others” I asked. My questions sounded naïve but I had no experience of anything like this before. And the irony of the whole thing was that I had begun to write an epic tale depicting the war between good and evil. I’d been lamenting my lack of knowledge, knowledge that I needed to craft my evil protagonist! I felt this was too weird to be true but here he was, right under my roof, talking, telling me about evil and he was someone I thought I had known well over the years but not as evil!

“The evil creature wants to control people in the close proximity.” He proclaimed in a general fashion.
“You mean you want to control me!” I summed up. He nodded and grinned but I glared back at him. He cleared his throat and went on. “Firstly a softly-softly approach is used” he said, “this means that the proposals that are made to a person one wants to influence seem to be good and acceptable. After initial approach has been accepted by that person, the next stage can be started because we have already trapped our prey.”
“We?” I asked because I had supposed, he was talking about himself. He grinned and reminded me of “his people” and the two men that had been to our house earlier that night. He told me that evil people never worked alone. “Nothing can be achieved without like-minded others” he announced.
“You mean to tell me that there are organizations of evil people?” I asked him in horror.
“No there are no organizations, there are no signed up memberships or anything like that. But” he said “there are networks of people, people who know other people who are like-minded and who collaborate on jobs.”
“Collaborate on jobs?” I echoed wondering what he meant.
“Well you help your mates get their jobs done and they help you in getting what you want done. That way you can stand back, let them do the job while you look on as a spectator. That way no one can point the finger at you.”
“But it wouldn’t be that hard to prove that the people who are doing the crime are your mates.” I reminded him.
“No” he said confidently, “it is not that simple because” he added “there are go-betweens.”
“What are go-betweens?”
“There are higher and lower levels” he explained. "Some people know a few people above and below them but mostly people know others on their own level. Some of those who know others, say below them, can give the order to do a job that you want done. That way you’re not the one to gives the order. So even if you can discover everyone that a person knows…” he broke off laughing.
“It’s not really practical to discover everyone that a person knows” I agreed wanting him to stop laughing.
“You have to prove that the people, who know the people you know, are also known to you.” He said when he regain his composure. The gist of what he was saying is that crimes are always done by proxy and mostly by people not personally known to the chief offender.

The discussion again returned to talk about his winning over others to do evil work. “The transition must still be gradual” he explained “in order not to lose the prey”. “Over time the proposals we make, the things that we ask the prey to be involved in doing with us or for us gradually become more and more dubious”. He went on describing all manner of proposals he had made to others to ‘bait them’ as he put it. And he made me very afraid to be in the same house with him but it was also of great importance to me to find out how a person’s health could be affected. Could anything that he did or that he had done for him affect my health? I still wanted to believe it was coincidence but the incident only hours earlier was too striking. I realized that there were many occasions, over recent years, when the condition of my health worsened suddenly and inexplicably.. seemingly out of the blue.

That night I began to reflect that many women, but also some men that I had known, had similarly inexplicable health problems. I began to wonder if they too were subjected to this “mental cruelty” or whatever it was, and if so what was it? How could I expose the truth of it to the benefit of all? I was equally intrigued to know if it was possible for someone who had become evil to become good again. I wondered if in fact they were simply born evil. And was there any line, which when crossed, a person could never return to being good again. My feeling , even at that very early stage, was that evil is not just a state of mind. I wondered could it be possible that there were changes in the way the body functioned, and if that was the case, what were those changes?


  1. WOOOW...u should probably publish this as a novel...I would say when it came to the spell pat, it was so freaking,,that I missed such parts, but I get a glimpse of what you wants to say....First of all my answer to u is yes...especially if your husband works in the magic, and this dark underworld
    he definitely is immersed, and surrounded by evil spirits,and those evil spirits can harm you in a way, if you are not strong enough in faith in God, and we all know about Karma, and if u surround urself with negative people, u for sure become like this, that is why, it's infectious...I'd say fortify yrself with faith in God, and protection prayers from God....
    You really give me a thing to think of...I'm dealing with such topics in my blog, May be you would have something benefit in it as I wish..

  2. you have no idea how yr story has touched me so much, I kept reading it many times...I realized that my ex was typically ur husband, except he didn't confess to me, exactly as u say I was so innocent that I didn't know how jealous, hatred and all these negative feelings born on one's heart. He opened my eyes wide on so many evil things in this world, I loved him so much, and the weirdest thing I couldn't ever understand if he is evil person how he made many good deeds in front of my eyes, moreover he did a very life changing to better things, now I know that is all a cover up, I suffered a lot after he disappeared from my life like a ghost, I felt broken spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I was unable to breath, I felt like I'm dying slowly, whenever I sleep I couldn't from nightmares, I was literally going to suicide.When I couldn't help it at all, I went for a psychic, and then she told a shocking thing after I told her my complete story, that an evil spirit from him attacked me. I was shocked in disbelieve, then she confirmed that his wrongdoing, and all of his evil intentions, make him surrounded by them. wherever he goes, they are with them. One more weird thing confirmed this in my mind, that he had before a veyoncee that she died of an accident...One thing I remembered from this psychic that she me , that a cancer esp. in the female reproductive cancer, that it is a form of rejection subconsciously that is translated to your partner, I will soon talk about diseases and true cure in my blog...Thanks for your story, surely it inspired me...Wish u a happy, and blesses life :)

    1. Truth Dealer, it seems you have also had some bad experiences with evil people. You have to be on guard because sometimes they appear as friends and they may not be friends at all but want to come into your life. Also I found that some have affected people who have shown some interest or support of my work. They are very afraid of me because I am exposing them. This involves the medical industry. You say you studied pharmacy so you are part of that industry. They may try to influence you in this way.. offering you a huge income etc. be careful because you can get ensnared by them if you treat them at face value.